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Got Questions For A Therapist?

Struggling to get along?

Want desperately for your relationship to work?

Who Is This For?

Romantic Walk in Sunset

Couples Counseling

  • Does it feel like you argue a lot without resolution?

  • You feel you aren't compatible even though you love your partner?

  • Do you question if you chose the right partner?

Individual Therapy

  • Struggling with hurt from your past?

  • Held back from reaching your future dreams?

  • Feeling emotionally weighed down?


Who Am I?

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I'm Lana Royle, LCMHC

I became a couples therapist, and started largely due to my own relationship experiences. I grew up with parent’s who consistently modeled a loving and committed companionship with one another. I witnessed situations with them that represented healthy conflict resolution, effective communication, and two people that ultimately were emotionally attuned and connected to one another.


As I got older, I started seeing other relationships that didn’t seem to be healthy. My perspective started broadening, and I saw many couples I knew, struggling to keep their relationships afloat.


As I became a young adult, I began my own dating life. From there I entered short-term dating experiences, long-term commitments with partners, and everything in between. I struggled in many of these relationships, and would often ask myself, what the right tools were in making a relationship work in a healthy way.


I became more and more fascinated with why some couples seem to have what it takes to have a happy and fulfilling relationship, and why others seemed to chronically struggle to communicate, to create trust, and to build intimacy and passion. I wanted to know the recipe for success so I could help others, so I began to further study it. As a therapist, I knew I not only had a natural passion for helping others in navigating difficulties, but even more so with couples and the hardships they face, and how they navigate their way through these struggles.


Through my passion in working with couples, I have studied EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy), and the Gottman Couples Methods. Through my own experiences, and my extensive trainings, I have developed my own unique methods for helping couples through premarital and marital relationships, to work in navigating difficult patterns that develop in relationships.


I approach this therapeutic process as a “working together” experience. Together, we will work on recreating the foundation as a couple and work on getting back to a state of connection and safety with one another.

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Ready to Talk?

This is a collaboration. If you are ready to work on your relationship and want to work on reconnecting with your partner, let’s get started.


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